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Bachelor of Music in Composition


- All works composed by our students are performed, either in concert, rehearsal or reading sessions at CSMC.
- Collaboration with different orchestras, organizations and festivals in the Canary Islands to show the students’ works such as orchestral arrangements of pop-rock songs, composition for short films and compositions and arrangements for wind orchestra, big band and chamber music, workshop on sound design for video games

- Meetings with other guest composers

The Composition Department of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias offers great stylistic diversity in fields such as traditional and contemporary composition and orchestration, orchestral and wind ensemble music, arrangements from contemporary and commercial styles, music for audiovisuals and video games and instrumental and electronic improvisation. A dynamic and motivated group of teachers, active as composers and as researchers, teaches in all of these areas, with a special emphasis on diverse composition techniques and musical analysis.

At the end of their studies, the Music Graduate in the Specialisation of Composition should have the following skills:
  • Be acquainted with the main repertoire of Western tradition and of other music, and acquire the ability to fully assess the expressive, syntactic and sound aspects of the relevant works.
  • Acquire the necessary training to recognise and acoustically and intellectually assess different kinds of musical and sound structures.
  • Analytically interpret the construction of the musical works in each and every one of its constituent aspects and structural level.
  • Learn to implement new technologies in the area of musical creation, in a variety of contexts and formats, including cooperation with other artistic fields.
  • Master the techniques and resources of the major historical or recent composition styles.
  • Know the fundamentals of musical acoustics, the acoustic characteristics of musical instruments, their sound and expressive technical possibilities, as well as any possible combinations.
  • Develop an interest and the necessary skills and methodologies for musical experimentation and research.
  • Know the latest trends and proposals in different fields of musical creation.
  • Assess and identify, in a critical manner, the main trends in the performance area in a vast repertoire covering different eras and styles.
  • Verbally convey a well-structured theoretical, analytical, aesthetic and critical judgment, beyond its application to the strictly compositional realm.
  • Acquire an artistic, individual and flexible personality that allows them to adapt to multiple creative challenges and environment

        Basic Information for Bachelor of Music in Composition



Degree Course



Language of instruction


 Programme coordinator


Gran Canaria and Tenerife

Bachelor of Music

8 semesters

240 ECTS credits

Spanish. Individual lessons and some group tuition can also be arranged in English or other languages.

Prof. Rafael Estévez González (Tenerife)

Prof. Manuel Bonino (Gran Canaria)






Elective subjects
















*MFB: Basic Core Subjects [Materias de Formación Básica]

*MOE: Compulsory Specialisation Subjects [Materias Obligatorias de la Especialidad]

*TFC: Term Paper [Trabajo Fin de Carrera]

Detailed course catalogue can find found attached below

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